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Catching a glimpse of the 1983 Lady Gator Golf Invitational from the Publix parking lot, then walking over to watch and immediately see a hole in one by Deb Richard (now a Women’s Am Champion), Ann Ives decided she wanted to learn more about these talented girls on the golf course. Not only did she learn about them, she, along with then Coach Mimi Ryan and many other golf enthusiasts, established the Lady Gator Golf Boosters to follow and support the Women’s Golf team.

Currently, the Lady Gator Golf Boosters is a non-profit organization of over 250 men and women dedicated to providing support to the UF Women’s Golf program. The UF Women’s Golf team has won NCAA Championships, SEC Championships and countless collegiate golf tournaments. The program has produced numerous NCAA and Academic All-Americans and has been represented on the LPGA, as well. Since 1984, LGGB has been an integral part of the program, providing assistance when needed. We have upgraded facilities, supplied new equipment, hosted events and provided volunteers, all in support of our Gator golfers. Year after year, our numerous volunteers assist with the annual UF Women’s Invitational and are well known for hosting one of the best tournament food wagons, for the players and coaches, in the country. We also manage to have a lot of fun with our LGGB play days and events.


The Lady Gator Golf Boosters Memorial Fund was established as an endowment in 1993 through the UF Foundation which encumbers all support monies given to UF. The endowment includes three different funds:
  • Lady Gator Golf Memorial Fund (#6749) which is an endowed fund that anyone can contribute to in memory of a Lady Gator Golfer, friends, or relatives. It is part of the athletic scholarship endowment and is not available for use by the LGGB.
  • Women’s Golf Pooled Gifts Fund (#6725) which is an endowed fund for anyone wanting to make a general gift to the Lady Gator Golf Program. It is part of the athletic scholarship endowment and is not available to LGGB.
  • Lady Gator Golf Booster Fund (#16693) which a non-endowed fund that can be used by the LGGB in support of the Lady Gator Golf Team. The money draws interest that will stay in the fund until spent by the LGGB. Team support that has been provided by LGGB over the years includes the following:
    • Weather vane on the cupola during the Club House renovation
    • Wall clock
    • Shelter on 8th tee
    • Electricity and water to the comfort station
    • Bench near 8th tee
    • $50,000 to the Endowment Fund (#6749)
    • Granite Bench inscribed in recognition of the 1985 and 1986 NCAA championship teams
    • Solar tubes (sky lights) in comfort station on the course
    • Leather couches for the golf team’s break room
    • Trackman video equipment for training used by both women’s and men’s golf teams
“Keep your sense of humor. There’s enough stress in the rest of your life not to let bad shots ruin a game you’re supposed to enjoy.”
– Amy Alcott